General Manager

Job description

Fripp Warehousing is seeking a General Manager to lead their warehouse operations here in Kelowna. Although primarily working inside, this is not purely a desk job, so a roll up the sleeves and lead by example leadership style is necessary.

Responsibility, initiative, and professionalism describe core competencies of this position as we are looking for someone who will be a great representative for the family owners and the warehouse in general to current and potential clients as well as the general public.


We are looking for someone with seasoned business experience, ideally in a warehouse or logistics setting, as well as strong people leadership skills and the ability to make sound business decisions. The successful candidate will also foster an inclusive and respectful culture, have exceptional communication skills, and be technologically savvy whether researching on the internet, processing payroll, building a quote, or overseeing invoicing and reconciliation of bank statements. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Management of the facility (security, safety, utilities, hygiene, repairs and maintenance),
  • Leadership of the staff
  • Primary contact for clients and tenants including contract negotiation, resolution of complaints, collections, and handling general inquiries
  • Financial management (payroll, invoicing, cash flow, remittances, regulatory compliance, etc.)

If you are someone who easily builds connections and is able to cultivate strong relationships, enjoys closing a deal, and can navigate your way around an excel spreadsheet or Quickbooks Online after spending an hour training a new hire on safe forklift operations, this job could be a great fit. Please apply now.

Please note, the successful candidate must have a valid forklift ticket and be bondable.